Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paul McCartney's reaction and response to Ringo's shun of loyal fans

Paul McCartney's reaction and response to Ringo's shun of loyal fans

by Sam O. Witcraft

Why no one has reported Paul McCartney's blatant attempt to apologize for Ringo Starr's recent shunning of fans is beyond me. . .It's almost amazing that we are the only ones who wanted to report it. Ringo Starr, if you did not know, has issued a statement on his website to dissuade further fan mail or autograph requests, as he simply doesn't have the time for them anymore. Paul McCartney was called for comment. He issued a statement on his own website like Ringo, only his was to urge more fan mail, promising that he'd answer each piece personally in a distinctly personal manner which is not in any way bearing a resemblance to a generic response. McCartney immediately pledged to spend all of his next waking month-or year- signing autographs to make up for the former Beatle autograph demand that Ringo has unfortunately left behind.

When reached for questioning, Paul said simply ''Everyone knows that being the nicest, most humble and polite Beatle comes with a responsibility. I have borne this burden gratefully...I'm really just happy to be here. We had a nice little band and we're all individually decent little music players who play our little chords and sing our quaint melodies and it's just nice that everyone still cares enough to ask us for our time and trouble-I mean-not that it's any trouble, of course. That's just an expression. Anyway, it'd be almost silly of me not to devote my life to pleasing the fans. After all, they bought my records as a favor to me and the least I can do is be attentive to their needs as well, yeah?''

Paul then added ''Not that I blame Ringo. His burden is much greater than mine from the fans as he's obviously got far more fan activity than I do. My burden is a poor choice of words. I mean honor.''


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Lol, very funny.

One of Paul's fansto

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Thanks for being my fan.

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...obviously got far more fan activity than I do.